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OB Juncal was awarded The 5-Star Service award by San Diego Magazine in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He is one of the most competent, hard-working, and personable realtors in the area. His intelligence, education about systems and technologies in the industry coupled with his charismatic personality are just a few of his many strengths in real estate.   There is no one better to help you buy or sell a home. Having lived in North County San Diego since 1986, OB is an expert in local real estate, their schools, and the vibe of each town. A Carlsbad High School graduate with a degree in Economics and Business Management from San Diego State, he strives to please his clients and goes above and beyond to make sure each client is completely satisfied. OB is one of the top-producing agents in North County, and you will quickly see that he is the best real estate agent in the business.

Q & A with OB

Q: What are your customer service tactics?

A: “I seek first to understand, and then I make sure I am always available to my clients. I will educate buyers and sellers on all possible choices, but they are always the boss!”


Q: What are passionate about when it comes to your job?

A: “Problem-solving to win for my clients – I see my clients and me as a team! I love people and I truly care about the outcome for each client.”


Q: Finish this sentence: Working in real estate…

A: “…is fulfilling to me.”


Q: What makes you strong in real estate?

A: “I care about people and I don’t take short cuts. I constantly educate myself to be at the top of my game in the industry. I anticipate potential problems and negotiation scenarios so I am always prepared.”


Q: How can you make a difference for a buyer or seller?

A: “I will get my clients a better price, terms, and house than they would with any other agent or on their own. I am competitive and use my experience and intellect to win for my buyers and sellers.”


OB works seven days a week, but in his free time he loves to surf, travel, and spend time with his new wife and three daughters.






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Anna 10/12/14

The whole Juncal Real Estate team has been such great help to my sister who just bought her first home in Carlsbad. They guided her every step of the way! When we wanted to see a house they were ready and available and worked around our schedule to show us the home. If you are looking for a great realtor that makes you feel like family, call them. I would recommend them to everyone!

Kali 8/6/2013

The whole Juncal Real Estate team has been such great help to my sister who just bought her first home in Carlsbad. They guided her every step of the way! When we wanted to see a house they were ready and available and worked around our schedule to show us the home. If you are looking for a great realtor that makes you feel like family, call them. I would recommend them to everyone!


We started working with OB shortly after the real estate market bubble burst. Very experienced and well connected in this market, he helped us purchase 2 short sales during a time when multiple offers and steep competition were locking us out. Our next transaction with him was his listing our very recently widowed mother's long time home. This was her first transaction without her husband and OB couldn't have been more helpful. He personally explained all the real estate documentation to her and, most importantly, had the house under contract really quickly, which greatly reduced her fear and concern about maintaining and living in a large house all alone. This past year he sold the 2 properties, that we had originally bought through him, for a tidy profit. He sold them very quickly and he was masterful at negotiating the entire transaction from the day of listing until the day of closing. We've had 5 transactions with him altogether and they've all closed quickly and without a hitch. We trust him implicitly. He's our "go to" real estate agent.


I am very grateful for all help I've received from OB. I'm an older woman, don't deal well with all those people from banks etc. and OB was great to take care of everything during all process of short sale. Very professional but also very supportive and very helpful. Thank you OB!


After being disappointed while working with several other realtors which did not seem to want my business, wanted me to choose something to buy way too quickly or just didn't know what they were doing, I found OB. OB was amazing to work with, not only does he have a very intricate and professional knowledge of the area but he is also extremely patient and always on call. Needless to say OB went the extra 10 miles and made the entire process a very enjoyable one.<br/><br/>I would not hesitate to recommend working with OB, either for a seller looking to sell his property or for a buyer like me, you will not regret it. Thank’s OB


Throughout our whole home purchase OB was amazing. He answered all questions we hand and faught hard to help us with every issue we had. He was extremely nice and always a phone call or text away if we had any questions. We really appreciated the fact that he had so much knowledge in the realestate buisness. He never kept anything from us and broke things down Barney style to us when we didn't understand the realestate lingo. Ob is a great guy and if anybody our fellow military friends are looking to purchase we would highly recommend him to them. Great person all around, knows his stuff, and is there to get you the best deal possible for your home.

Shelby 1/19/14

OB is the best out there. He makes buying a home easy and enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable!! Buying a home can be a very stressful time full of much anxiety, but OB really takes care of everything. If something was confusion, he could break it down to make sense of things for us. He also had good advice throughout the process, in fact we are 7 months into our new beautiful home that OB helped us get, and I still call him for advice!!! Great Realtor! Great Guy!!

Rayana 10/8/13

OB.... what I can say????. The most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and caring persons that you will find in a real estate business. .. He cares about you and you needs and he will be always there for you...... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING OB.... you will get very far. ...... RY


Can’t say enough good things about OB Juncal. The short sale he negotiated for us was filled with challenges but he never gave up. The house was vacant and we were negotiating long distance with OB but he made everything so easy it was as though we were in town. Not only did he negotiate a good sale price but got us the max available HAFA incentive that we never thought we qualified for. You won’t be disappointed in OB!


OB was fantastic to work with throughout the entire process. He really understood the real estate market where I purchased my home which was invaluable. OB was always prompt on his responses to my calls and emails and was quick to show me properties or call me as soon as something came on the the MLS that he thought would be a good fit for my needs. OB is honest and genuine which are very important attributes to have when you work in this line of business. I will continue to work with OB and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a positive home buying experience.


I had been working with a different realtor and had my own lender. Then after coming in second on a few offers I switched to OB. Within a few showings he learned enough about me to offer a different lender to better suit my needs. Between OB and the new lender, I not only found a home MUCH better then I thought to even look at, but closed escrow in 20 days! OB knows the area, knows the business and gets it DONE! Try him and you get exactly (or in my case BETTER) then you wanted!


OB did a terrific job. He was easy to work with and made it very comfortable to find and buy a house. I would recommend him highly as there was no pressure to buy and only help to find what we wanted.


We couldn't ask for better service or a better person. OB is the best of the best in the industry. He is more than patient and willing to work with and for you. OB worked with the selling agent on items that were a concern for us and he was able to accomplish this in a very professional way. He also worked with the escrow officer to stay on top of the timelines that were so important.


Ob was very professional in every step of our buying process. Having dealt with a previous realtor for 6 months and no results, Ob was a breath of fresh air for us. His knowledge on the area, the lending process and even making the final purchase is absolutely incredible. My mother is his biggest fan! :) He made everything seem so effortless for us, which I think was the best part. I would recommend him to anyone. He is one of the most honest and fair people I have ever done business with. He was so eager to find us exactly what we wanted and he left no stoned unturned. He went miles above what any other realtor would usually do in the buying process and he really listened to what we wanted instead of just trying to shove just any property down our throat to buy. His patience, knowledge, and standard of business puts him far above the rest and in a league of his own. He not only made a dream come true for my fiancee and I, but helped us achieve home ownership, which is one of the best opportunities anyone could ever have.


OB is a very well rounded, intelligent, professional agent. He delivered in every aspect of our transaction. He is knowledgeable about the area and his knowledge of shortsale transactions is a major plus. Communicaton and information was very easy and forthcoming. This is not the first time we have conducted business with OB and know it will not be the last. We refer him constantly and will continue to do so. I feel for anyone that has to deal with an agent any less qualified than OB.


We have worked with a lot of realtors over the years but truly none has ever given the time, dedication and effort like OB Juncal. We had never worked with him before but immediately loved his style. He is efficient, patient and leaves no stone unturned to accommodate his clients. He is not high pressure but extremely effective at what he does. My husband and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants the stressful world of buying or selling a home made easier and even pleasant. OB is THE best!

Chad Irwin 5/30/12

I received fantastic service from OB! I was actually just passively looking in North County to purchase a home..I had a pretty strict criteria (newer home with a potential income source on the property to help with the mortgage), but was not in any rush. I mentioned this in passing to OB, thinking that it was "mission impossible". And what do you know - within a couple of weeks, OB found the perfect place that I couldn't say no to! He was very thoughtful & knowledgeable with his opinions of the property, and he did a great job with the transaction. I felt comfortable at every point, and understood what was coming up next. As with any real estate transaction there are always surprises, but his attention and communication helped them run smoothly and comfortably. I highly recommend OB!


OB did a fantastic job with my shortsale. The decision to move forward with a shortsale was difficult and the process was time-consuming (waiting for bank responses, counteroffers etc). As an agent, OB was organized and kept the process moving as quickly as possible. However, OB really impressed me with his patience and calm demeanor (when dealing w/ both the banks and my constant inquiries). I would recommend OB in a heartbeat. In fact, I already have and I believe you can find their referral on here as well. He really did a great job.


Ive bought 3 properties with OB and when he says he will get something done, he gets it done!! His negotiation skills are excellent and he really understands today's market. I have recommended several friends who are currently looking to buy properties with him. He is incredible at finding just the right home to fit your needs. Highly recommended!


My husband and I recently used OB services to help us buy a condo. He went above and beyond to find exactly what we were looking for. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was never pushy; and answered all my questions in detail, very patient, by the way. Once we found what we were looking for, he walked us through the entire process. We are very grateful to OB and recommend his services without a doubt.


Unable to afford my home, due to permanent loss of spousal income, I was in a terrible situation that I didn't know how to handle. Thankfully, a friend referred me to OB. Despite the skepticism of other professionals with whom I consulted, OB assured me that he could facilitate the safe short-sale of my property. A few months later, he closed the deal. As OB guided me through the short-sale process, I found him to be friendly, kind, responsive, knowledgeable, and an effective problem-solver. I have recommended him to close friends, and I would recommend him to you.


OB Juncal is what you would call a lifesaver. His professional experience and genuine atitude of reaching outside and beyond the normal scope of a Realtor's realm is a breath of fresh air. During these unpredictable times with economic changes heavily affecting so many of our lives, it's welcomed to have someone providing real time property information as well as a full working knowledge on the best housing programs availalable to address your needs. OB keeps all parties well informed of everything that impacts your home purchase or sale as soon as he receives the information. He has all the skills needed to negotiate with agents, Banking and Lending Institutions as well at their Liaisons and continually will work out the best deals that look out of for your best interests!!! He knows the market extremely well which gives his clients optimum property choices to choose from. He made a very stressful situation for me turn out to be a win/win process for all parties involved. He is honest, hardworking and a pleasure to handle business with. You can't go wrong choosing OB Juncal to be your Broker representative!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Among the many Agent/members I interviewed, OB was the most qualified in his expertise of the buyer market. He was skilled and never hesitant to educate me on the intricacies of the processes of home buying. Most importantly, I felt respected and valued.


Mr. Juncal is a VERY knowledgeable real estate professional! He helped us through the difficult maze of purchasing a short sale property, and the short sale of our property that the banks were unwilling to refinance or modify the terms of the note. He was there every step of the way, working with the lenders even in the face of default notices and the threat of foreclosure. He is ethical and treats his clients with respect and dignity! He also has an in-depth knowledge of the housing market and will tell it to you straight; something we were immediately impressed with. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to purchase or sell a property.


OB is wonderful to work with. We worked with him on 3 properties over the past 3 years. The seller on the first property wasn't completely honest (and a tad unethical) and the sale fell through but OB impressed us enough during the process for us to use him again...once on the purchase of a short sale property and once when we short sold our home. Short sales are frustrating, inefficient transactions but OB was terrific on both occasions. He's extremely personable and kept us in the loop as to what was going on the entire time. He's also honest, respectful and straightforward, which is much appreciated. OB promptly answered all of our questions and went above and beyond in a few instances. OB is a great agent and an even better person. While I didn't know OB a few years ago, I now consider him a friend and would highly recommend him. I'm very thankful for all the help he's given me.


A very good friend recommended that I contact OB when I was ready to buy my first home. I took the advice and am extremely happy I did. I was a little nervous at first with the market being the way it is, but it became obvious that OB knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He patiently guided me through many properties, explaining pros and cons along the way. The amount learned was amazing. I actually felt protected by OB in my search for a house. You can definitely trust this guy, he's patient as heck, and wow he know his stuff.


OB was my real estate agent; he found a home for me to purchase in Carlsbad. After I explained to him what I was looking for, he planned to show me three homes, but I immediately fell in love with the first home he showed me! It was exactly what I wanted! I was very pleased that he took the time to listen to what I wanted and did his homework to find a home that fit my needs. I had a lot of anxiety about purchasing a home because I was in a time crunch and OB made the process smooth and relatively stree-free! I would absolutely use OB in the future and I recommend him to family and friends. Thank you for your outstanding service!


Purchasing a home in todays market is very difficult. The regulations in place today to protect against what happened in the past make purchasing more difficult than ever. It is critical that that a prospective home buyer does careful research before selecting an agent. OB told me that we could close on my home in thirty days. I believed this would be difficult especially with a short sale. I took possession of my home in twenty eight days . That in itself says it all. OB has created a network of highly trained people that all work with exteme efficiency. His loan broker, and escrow people were top of the line. The fact that OB is so good at what he does has enabled him to put together a network of people with his same skills and work ethic. He tells you when where and how, what your responsibilities are and how it will all happen. Because the process is so complex today, his complete honesty in every phase of the process allows the potential buyer to have complete confidence in him. The fact that he does not tell you anything that he cannot deliver on, allows the buyer to go through the process with complete confidence. I would recommend OB to anyone in the San Diego area with the confidence that they will receive the same quality service that I received.


I have dealt with dozens of agents and brokers over the years, and there is no comparison to OB. I felt at times that he was even more careful with our investment than we were. He is extremely knowledgable about every aspect of real estate that we were required to address, and I would trust him completely (from start to finish) to find a home for one of my children or a very good friend. We have been in this house for a few months, and locals from the area have commented on what a great value and beautiful property this is. I believe that whoever has OB on their side, whether it be an experienced or first time buyer, is in great hands.

Viuda 4/4/12

It is an honor for me to recommend OB Juncal as your realtor. OB has successfully helped me buy a short sale property.He is very knowledgeable and experienced. I have bought Real Estate in the past and it was very stressful. With OB you feel at ease, no pressure at all. OB does what he promises and gets the deal done. I already have recommended him to my own daughter and friends and they are now happy home owners.

Maureen K.

I had a great experience as a first time home buyer. The entire team is professional, knowledgable, and friendly. They were very thorough. OB and Cassie were readily available whenever I needed help or had questions. It was smooth journey from start to finish & I believe it was truly due to this great team of people.

Kathy M.

OB has been our family's Buying or Listing Agent for our last 5 real estate transactions so I think that ... that, alone, speaks for itself.  He is highly skillful in the way he performs as an agent for his clients and, most importantly, he gets the JOB done.  His cool head and calm demeanor always prevail in a business that can be complicated and highly stressful.  We recommend that you try him, and trust him ...  you won't be disappointed!

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