North San Diego County is a Leader in American Brewing and Wineries

For many years, it was common wisdom that any fine wine or beer worth consuming was being crafted outside of the United States. Sure, we had excellent distilleries and the world’s finest spirits. But, wine and beer tended to be associated with other parts of the world, particularly Europe. In recent decades, California has come into its own as a major player in the wine market. More recently, a serious brewing scene developed and now some of the most sought-after beers in the country are being brewed locally rather than in Belgium.


North San Diego County is quickly becoming a premiere destination for people who enjoy the finer things like excellent wines and craft beers. Here are some of the best places to grab a drink or take a tour (or both!) in the area in 2017. There are so many places to try, it’ll just add to your list of reasons for looking for homes in North San Diego County.




There’s nothing like Californian wine. Here are five wineries you need to visit.


Witch Creek


Located in Carlsbad, Witch Creek has a variety of award-winning wines that represent the area proudly. They specialize in small lots and traditional techniques to bring you a genuine experience. Not only will you find more common styles like merlots, but there are many harder to find specialty styles that you won’t find in too many other places, especially locally sourced.


Brookings Vineyards


Located in beautiful Vista, Brookings Vineyards is all about tradition. This family owned winery provides a classic experience, offering a two-hour long tour and educational session about their old-world wine making process. Of course, part of your education will be tasting their selection of wines while taking in the beautiful view.


Sunshine Mountain Vineyards


Located in San Marcos, Sunshine Mountain Vineyards offers a variety of wines and quite the experience when you visit the winery. The winery is situated atop a hillside with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Wines made on the premises are stored in one of the three caves dug into the mountain side to act as home for the wine casks


Beach House Winery


Calling Oceanside home, Beach House Winery is another award-winning location you have to visit. Each wine is handcrafted and high quality. Visitation windows are relatively short on the weekends. You may have more luck making an appointment for a tasting during the week. Certainly an exclusive line of wines worth making the time for.


Domaine Artefact


Finally, we have Escondido’s Domaine Artefact. This winery is all about the art of zen. The wine is high quality and delicious, of course. But the grounds are very inviting, offering tours, picnicking, gardens, friendly service, and even dogs are welcome.




Burgeon Beer Co.


Burgeon Beer Co. won an international award in its first year of operation. That’s all that needs to be said. Dog friendly, this brewery is a must visit in Carlsbad.


Stone Brewing


Stone Brewing is one of the biggest names in the American brewing scene. Offering a wide array of strong tasting beers with distinct branding, everyone who is a discerning beer drinker in America is familiar with Stone Brewing in Escondido. They have tasting rooms all over the county, so visit your nearest one.


Karl Strauss


The oldest brewery in the area, Karl Strauss was one of the pioneers of the American craft beer scene. With nearly 30 years in the industry, the company is still the name when it comes to North San Diego County local brews.


Iron Fist Brewing


Iron Fist Brewery is all about family, locality, and “the little guy.” They’ll tell you they just started making beer for themselves to enjoy and ended up with too much of it, so they started selling it. They encourage you to bring your dogs to their tasting patio.


Oceanside Ale Works


The first brewery to call Oceanside home, Oceanside Ale Works is an award-winning brewery that offers unique flavors like Pineapple IPA that will keep you coming back to see what they developed next.




North San Diego County is becoming the place to be when it comes to American-made beer and wine. Over the past number of years, more and more breweries and wineries are calling the area home. They have quickly become part of the culture of North San Diego County and are helping put the area on the map as a major destination for discerning drinkers. Nothing beats beer or wine created from locally sourced ingredients in beautiful California. These breweries and wineries are just some of the reasons why so many people are looking to call the area home. If you’re looking to buy a home in North San Diego County, contact us today. The team at Juncal Real Estate know the area like no one else and will help you find the perfect home for you and your family.