We started working with OB shortly after the real estate market bubble burst. Very experienced and well connected in this market, he helped us purchase 2 short sales during a time when multiple offers and steep competition were locking us out. Our next transaction with him was his listing our very recently widowed mother’s long time home. This was her first transaction without her husband and OB couldn’t have been more helpful. He personally explained all the real estate documentation to her and, most importantly, had the house under contract really quickly, which greatly reduced her fear and concern about maintaining and living in a large house all alone. This past year he sold the 2 properties, that we had originally bought through him, for a tidy profit. He sold them very quickly and he was masterful at negotiating the entire transaction from the day of listing until the day of closing. We’ve had 5 transactions with him altogether and they’ve all closed quickly and without a hitch. We trust him implicitly. He’s our “go to” real estate agent.