Purchasing a home in todays market is very difficult. The regulations in place today to protect against what happened in the past make purchasing more difficult than ever. It is critical that that a prospective home buyer does careful research before selecting an agent. OB told me that we could close on my home in thirty days. I believed this would be difficult especially with a short sale. I took possession of my home in twenty eight days . That in itself says it all. OB has created a network of highly trained people that all work with exteme efficiency. His loan broker, and escrow people were top of the line. The fact that OB is so good at what he does has enabled him to put together a network of people with his same skills and work ethic. He tells you when where and how, what your responsibilities are and how it will all happen.

Because the process is so complex today, his complete honesty in every phase of the process allows the potential buyer to have complete confidence in him. The fact that he does not tell you anything that he cannot deliver on, allows the buyer to go through the process with complete confidence.

I would recommend OB to anyone in the San Diego area with the confidence that they will receive the same quality service that I received.